Thursday, March 20, 2008

In the words of Becky Fleck: "It's In Da House!"

I remember reading that on the PageMaps website when Becky received the first copy of her book. It just stuck in my head. So, today, when the mailman dropped by my house, I thought the same thing: It's In Da House! Before I even cracked the book open, the first thing that I did was take a picture of my "Cover Boy" with his first cover shot:

How many 8 years olds get to say that they were on the cover of a book? One day, his kids will look at this book and say, "Hey, that's my Dad!" I have to say Thank You to Becky for not only asking me to contribute to this endeavor, but for choosing my boy to grace her cover. I'm sure it was an artistic decision, and for some reason, my layout fit what she needed for her cover; but she could have chosen any one of the gorgeous works of art from inside...and it just turned out to be mine. I sure am proud.

I cannot wait to sit down and relax with this book. I took a minute to browse through it, and I have to tell you that the art in this book is fabulous. In addition to Becky and myself, the other contributors were: Marla Kress, Mindy Bush, Tiffany Tillman, and Judi VanValkinburgh. There were also several Friends of PageMaps whose work appear: Shawna Martinez, Dawn Inskip, Kim Kesti, Sheredian Vickers, Vicki Harvey, Patti Milazzo, Becky Heisler, Connie Petertonjes, and Amy Goldstein. You certainly cannot dispute the talent of all of these women!

And one more thing...I can assure you that you will not only enjoy the layouts in the PageMaps book, but you will love reading what Becky has wrote about each of them. She is funny and entertaining. This is NOT your ordinary idea book, for sure! You NEED to get this will NOT be disappointed!


  1. its exciting to have him on the cover :) Go Ryan! yay Denine

  2. OMG, ME TOOOOOOO! i just got mine and sat down with it last night for about 2 hours! it is FABULOUS and i love how fleck stayed true to herself - you can definitely "hear" her throughout the book. LOVE that ryan is the cover boy - i mean really, who better and how cool? i love your work throughout as well as everyone else's - truly an inspiring book, in so many ways! congrats on your contributions mein freund.

    i miss your face, sweet D!

  3. I have to say that the cover is ADORABLE Denine! Your little boy fits perfectly on there...and the layout rocks too!!!

  4. sooooo exciting!!! i need to order that book!!!! congrats Ryan!

  5. This reminds me of the the song "Cover of the Rolling Stones" by Dr. Hook. ahahahaaaaaaaaa!!! Ryan looked fab on the cover and the layout was the perfect choice (love me some red, would ya?). Your photo of Ryan holding the book is just perfefct :) *MUAH*