Saturday, March 29, 2008

20 years younger & 40 pounds lighter!

I went for dinner tonight with three of my friends from High School. One of them was my "best" friend, know the one who I had the best friend (half of a heart) necklace with. It was really nice. Of course, it seemed like it was too short, but I guess that is what happens when you have kids and husbands. We talked and laughed about "back in the old days." It was so fun. I really enjoyed the time out, and I hope we can make it a monthly ritual. It really gets hard, though, when everyone has different schedules.

When I got home, I was compelled to drag out the old pictures. Many of them have been cropped and cut into odd shapes. I had them "scrapped" in old magnetic albums. I used all kinds of newspaper and magazines clippings to decorate the pages. Those albums were stored in a cardboard box in my basement for ages. Two years ago, they were hit by a flood when I had a leak in my basement. I managed to salvage most of the pictures even though the albums themselves were destroyed. Now, they are in plastic bags, held together with rubber bands in chronological order waiting for my life to slow down so I can do something with them. I am guessing that may be in about 10 years when Ryan graduates High School...LOL!

So, I scanned two of them to add here. I wish I had before and after shots, but I don't have any recent pictures of us to show.

These were both taken during our Senior year, so technically it was a little less than 20 years ago..and I might be a little more than 40 pounds heavier...but you get the point. I am definitely taking my camera with me next month when we get together...I feel a "then & now" layout coming on!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend! Peace!

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