Friday, March 07, 2008

Fancy Pants

No, I did not go clothes shopping. I was referring to the Scrapbooking company, Fancy Pants Designs. My good friend, Stayce, inquired as to what kind of scrappy goodness I received in the mail, so this is my reply. Over the past year, I have taken a liking to their stuff. It's not like I did not like it before because I did. But, I think that my style is evolving a bit. I have been moving away from more graphic papers toward more subtle designs. That could be because my favorite manufacturer, Arctic Frog, closed their doors at the end of 2007. I designed for Alannah and AF for about a year. Loved their stuff. It was just so "me." Sidenote here: I also met a lot of wonderful girls while on the DT there. Lots of talent and just so sweet. I do miss being on that DT. Anyway, I have not been able to find a manufacturer that creates graphic papers like Alannah did. In the meantime, I began using some Fancy Pants papers that I received as part of a "goodie box." I really enjoyed working with their stuff, and have since began buying it. Not only do I enjoy their papers, but they have some great embellishments, too. Like these:

Which, by the way, were a part of my scrappy package. I cannot wait to get using these. They are wonderful! As soon as I opened the box, I tore these babies right out. I love the feel of them. So soft! And they are cut so nice and are so easily removed from the sheet. I do not like to wish my life away because it is short enough the way it is, but I cannot wait for Sunday to come so I can scrap!


  1. Hey girl! How you been? Miss seeing you and your work! Hope that little guy of yours is doing well!!!

    I miss AF too :( I do love the new Fancy Pants lines....cant wait to get my hands on them!!!


  2. Fancy Pants is sooo cool, I went crazy at CHA, can't wait to get my order :0)