Monday, May 19, 2008

Favorite Products

I often find myself using certain products on my layouts at different times. For example, I will get on a kick where I use brads on every layout. Or buttons, or a certain letter sticker. Right now, in addition to digital brushes, there are a few items that I am really enjoying using.

1. My Silhouette

I know that I have said this several times already, but I just cannot get enough of this baby! I can't believe that I waited so long to get this. It is so easy to cut fonts, dingbats, shapes, and more. I save myself tons of time with this handy tool. I highly recommend it!

2. Kokuyo Adhesive

This stuff just plain rocks. Easy to use, easy to change the refill cartridge, holds very well. Love it! It gets two thumbs up in my book.

3. Stampin' Up Spiral Punch

You have got to love a punch that makes any paper look like it has been torn out of a spiral bound notebook. I find myself reaching for this little punch very often. The best thing about it...the little guide on it that helps you to line it up each time you punch. Cutting a 12 inch border is a piece of cake! It is excellent quality,too...sturdy and easy to hold.

Although I may get on my kicks where I use and even over-use a product, these three items are ones that I have been consistently using since I got them. So, even though change is a good thing...sometimes keeping things the same has its good points!


  1. Hi, Denine,
    Just a huge fan checking in here :) Loved your work in the Page Maps book, and everywhere else too.
    And Kokuyo is my favorite TOO.

  2. I so want a Silhouette!!!!! Love your work.

  3. I told you that you'd love it!!!