Friday, February 29, 2008

Yeah for me!

What started out as a very hectic and crazy day actually turned out pretty good. My teacher's aide took off from work today for personal reasons which left me by myself all day with a room full of kids! For most teachers, that is a normal day, but not for me. Teaching alternative education poses many unique situations that simply do not arise in regular classrooms. It truly does take two to manage the comings and goings in the room at all times. I was totally spent by the end of the day. It was not a bad day at all because I am the disciplinarian in room (we kind of play the "good cop, bad cop" routine with the kids), but it was busy. Most of the kids are quite "needy" to put it nicely, and they had me jumping. It's Friday, though, so it is all good.

So, once I arrived home, I sat at the old computer with a cup of tea to relax a bit. I opened my e-mail to find a request from Memory Makers magazine for two layouts for their Scrapbook Idea Gallery 8. I am pretty excited as I have not had anything picked up for publication in a while. I guess you can say that I had a dry spell, plus I was busy with other things :)

That made my day and set me up for a good weekend. It's snowing here tonight, so maybe we can do some sledding tomorrow. That would be fun for Ryan...and a great photo op for Mom since my camera has not seen too much action lately. I don't have any snow pics from this winter because I was sick every time it snowed! Here's a pic from last winter for good measure:

Well, off to bed as it is way past my normal bedtime. Until tomorrow...

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