Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Little Toy

I so love getting new scrapbooking goodies. I just received this baby in the mail yesterday:

It took me all night to figure out how to use it. I know...that makes me sound pretty dumb. The problem is that it is difficult to line your punches up across the bottom of a page. When you use the punch, the actual cut is about 3 inches long. So you would need to punch four times across the bottom of a page to do a 12 inch border. I have the SU! Spiral punch where there is a metal guide that helps you repeat the pattern over and over again without having to line anything up by yourself. I guess you can say that I am a bit spoiled! Needless to say, I still love this punch and am looking forward to scrapping this weekend so I can use it! Keep watching for whatever I create...I promise that I will share!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Denine, My name is Martha and you don't know me but we have a mutual friend Stayce Dewid, I have followed your layouts ever since you were at designer at her store, I got to tell you, you are one of the most talented designers that I have seen! And I love your style, it's kind of the way I scrapbook too. Anyway I have several punches from fiskars and what you need to do is once you punch you need to line up you punched area with the design on the punch itself and then punch again you will have a perfect scalloped at the end but remember line up scallop to scallop on the punch and hole to hole...don't go too far or you'll leave a punchless area in the middle. I hole it helps, also come and check out my new on line store, gallery and forums you'll have some