Tuesday, August 05, 2008

We're Home & I'm Procrastinating!

We arrived home safe and sound at about 11:30 last night....exhausted. After a full day of travel, it was good to be home. I do have to say that I love to fly, though. Just look at this view as we flew away from Orlando:

We took quick showers, made sure the animals were okay, and off to bed we went only to rise at 7:30 this morning to wait for the plumber to come. I spent the day unpacking and getting ready to do 6 loads of laundry (ewe)! I had to wait for the plumber to finish up before I began to wash and then wait for my new dryer to be delivered before I could dry (my 11 year old refurbished $100 dryer finally kicked the bucket the day before we left for Disney). The rest of the day consisted of opening mail, balancing the checkbook, making appointments, cleaning, washing dishes, checking e-mail, etc. Not too much fun to say the least. But, there is no place like home (said in my best Glenda the good witch voice).

Now, I sit at my computer procrastinating over a scrapbook assignment that is due on Thursday at 9 a.m. EEEK! I feel like I have no mojo at all! So, I blog. Just another excuse not to start scrapping! Please, someone, send some good vibes my way!

In other scrappy news, the August CK HOF Product Challenge is up on the CK website. I actually finished this layout before vacation. You remember...the one with pipe cleaners? Well, here it is:

The manufacturer this month is Making Memories, and they were so very generous. I had a lot of fun and used almost all Making Memories products on this layout. I am loving doing multi-photo one page layouts these days. These are some pics from my Mom's birthday. Not the best lighting in her house, but the memories are there. You can see some of the other HOFers work in the CK Gallery. Join in to win a CK book of your choice!

And, last but not least, my RAK winner from the Chip & Dale trivia is

simply susan said...
Chip has the dark (brown) nose like a chocolate "chip." Dale has the red nose. Now here is some trivia for you: Which window above Main Street has a lantern that burns eternally?And Why?
8/3/08 12:00 PM

Not only did Susan point out that their noses are different, but she knew why! And she hit the nail right on the head. You go, girl! Plus, she came back at me with a little trivia of her own. Without consulting the Internet for the answer, I am guessing the eternal lantern has something to do with Walt Disney. I think I heard that somewhere, but I am not sure 1. if it is correct, 2. exactly why it never goes out, and 3. what window it is. Hopefully, Susan can enlighten me. E-mail me at Denine2@aol.com with your address, Susan!

Okay, so I am thinking it is now time to stop blogging and start scrapping. Have a good one!


  1. oh I love this!!!

    Wishing you a gorgeous day!

  2. Welcome back sweetie! Your layout is gorgeous, love that title! :) I am sure whatever you come up with for the challenge will be perfect!

  3. Glad to hear you made it home safe and sound! Then comes the yuck part of LAUNDRY and sorting everything out after vacation! Hope you enjoyed Disney and took lots of pics!! Love that layout too by the way!

    Kathy F

  4. Hey Denine! I hope you had a wonderful vacation! And yep, laundry is the price you have to pay for enjoying yourself. Stinks, doesn't it?

    Gorgeous layout, AS ALWAYS!

  5. Glad you are back but I can tell you, when we first get home, my mind is MUSH! I have to take at least three days to get back "into" thinking scrapping correctly!

  6. welcome home! now go get to scrappin, girl! :)

  7. Gret sky pic..... and yes there is no place like home ! Congrats on such a FAB layout- Luv it !


  8. Looks like I'm gonna be stealin' my kids pipe cleaners for LO's! LOVE it & the pics!

    Isn't it amazing how fast the trip goes but the laundry lingers on?

  9. I didn't know either of those things about Disney. I'll have to google the light thing... I'm very impatient. Good luck with the mojo.

  10. Such a darling layout Denine. Hope you got all that laundry done! Suzy

  11. Welcome home Denine! Glad you guys had a great time! I'm loving that pipe cleaner layout - who would have thought to use pipe cleaners?? I love it!