Friday, August 08, 2008

Just a corny "Thank You" post

Life is good. Actually, Life is great. I thank God every day that I am alive, and I never want this wonderful journey to end. Some days, though, things can get you down and mean people can take the wind out of your sails. I am usually pretty good at getting past that stuff. I try to concentrate on the good things and the good people. So, I just want to take a moment to thank everyone who has stopped by here and left me such sweet and kind comments...about my layouts, my pictures, my stories, and all of the other stuff I fill my blog with. Sure, they are just comments, but they do mean a lot. You have to capture the good things in matter how little they may seem. All of those little good things add up to one big good thing! So, thank you!

I also have a couple of things that I would like to give away to a good home. Sometimes, I make a boo boo and buy something that I already have. I know, crazy, huh? It happens. No biggie. In organizing my shelves the other day, I found 2 punches that I have duplicates of. Obviously, they have both been used by me, but they are both in working condition. I tested them out and found no problems with them.

One is a scallop circle punch by Stampin' Up and the other is a cute little decorative corner punch by Fiskars. If anyone is interested in these (you will get both), just mention it to me in a comment on this post. If multiple people show interest, I'll just pick a name on Sunday. I hate to see these tools sit and not be used. Sound good?

Okay, so off to start the day. I'm doing something really fun and totally spur of the moment today. I'm so excited! Have a great one!


  1. Morning sweetie! Love your thank you post. You summed it up so well and I know EXACTLY what you mean. I feel the same way. Great punches btw. I would love either of them especially the corner punch but the scallop punch is so cute! Let me know if no one else wants them. I can send you money for shipping.

    Have a great weekend! ~Lisa

  2. It is so refreshing to read a post by someone who is happy to be alive and grateful for the nice people in the world.So many people tend to dwell on the negative that they lose sight of the positive.
    Speaking of positive; I would love those punches and will even pay for the shipping. I have been looking for the scallop circle forever and the corner punch looks like fun.

    Keep up your positive attitude. It can be hard sometimes, I certainly know that. I have MS and so many people are always telling me how amazed they are that I am so upbeat and positive. I just don't know how I can be any other way. The alternative is so depressing. I do have my moments, don't get me wrong.
    Ok, I have rambled on enough.
    Have a groovy day!

  3. Oohhhh - I've been looking for that corner punch...I'd give it a happy home!!! Keep up your positive attitude and it's bound to rub off :)

  4. Really, sometimes it feels so dang good to stop and appreciate LIFE. I did the very same yesterday (and told my husband as much)!!

    Have a great day :)

  5. Loved your post today!
    Great attitiude my friend!

  6. Great attitude! That is something I struggle with sometimes, I let the "mean people" get me down too much. Great job focusing on positive things/people in your life! It's something we all need to do more :)

    I would love either of those punches, I don't have many punches in my collection.

  7. Thank you for reminding me to be greatful...when there is so much happening all around us, So Oregon just lost some fire fighters in a helicopter crash, they had been fighting a fire that has been going for a month or so. My heart goes out to their families.
    Wishing you and your readers well this weekend.
    Ans last of all , I cant believe I don't have those punches??? I woule make them feel welcom in my scraproom....
    Laura P

  8. Love your thank you post.I would love those punches, I don't have many punches :(

  9. Hi,
    I would love to have these punches to add to my modest collection.
    Thank you very much for this opportunity to win them.

  10. I have been a regular blog visitor of your for awhile now :) You do some awesome work, girl! I would adore to have that scallop punch... so fun and funky!