Sunday, January 04, 2009

Fancy Pants Photo Box

Hi all! Hope you are doing well. Since we have begun a new year, I am trying to find ways to make my life a little bit easier. One thing that I have to learn to do more is to organize my pictures. Often times, during the course of the year, I take a picture that just turns out perfect. I want a way to save those pictures, so I created this little photo box for them.

You can get step by step instructions for this box on the Fancy Pants blog along with a complete supply list.

The sweet thing about this box is how the pictures will be stored inside. I attached a ribbon to the inside of the bottom of the box with a brad. The ribbon is long enough to hang outside the box as you can see in the above picture. I cut pieces of cardstock that fit exactly inside the box. I will adhere a favorite picture to each piece of cardstock. On the back of the piece of cardstock, I am going to write the file path to where the original can be found on my computer. This way, if I need to make a print, I will know exactly where to look. Then, to remove the pictures from the box, all you have to do is remove the lid and pull on the ribbon. The pictures will be nicely lifted right from the box!

Below is a close-up of the box top. I added some rub ons, chipboard letters, and brads to make it a little fancier! I just love little projects like this that are not only fun to make, but are also very useful!

If you have some spare time to craft, this would make a great gift idea, or a nice organizer for yourself! Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your day!


  1. your talent is endless my friend.

    Happy New year.

  2. Fantastic idea, thanks for posting it! Just beautiful!

  3. omgosh - I absolutely love this. Incredibly creative and totally useful.

    You are unbelievable!

  4. Okay, that is too cute!! Love it Denine!!

  5. What a cute box Denine! Love your combination of papers!

  6. This is SO cute! I used this as our Daily Inspiration on Scrapfreak today. :)

    Thanks for the cute idea!