Monday, December 29, 2008

Another layout share

Yes, it is true. I actually created 2 layouts in one day! OMG...the sky is going to fall...LOL! Last Sunday, I created the last layout that I shared. I then went to try to wrap Christmas presents, and it just was not working. I was in such a creative mood that I could not bring myself to sit down and wrap. I just had to scrap. So, I tossed all the wrapping paper, tape, and bows back in the closet and headed back down to my scrap room. After cleaning the whole thing up just a few hours earlier, I tore the whole thing apart once again! It felt so good, though. So, this is the second layout that I ended up with.

Since scrapping time has been short this school year, I figured that I would go with it while I had the mojo and the time. I used papers from the Fancy Pants Splendid collection, and that glittery swirl on the left side is a Fancy Pants glitter cuts. Love them! I channeled some Cindy Tobey with the knotted ribbon....she just makes it look so good that I had to try it. This was actually a pretty easy layout to put together, and I would have been done with it a lot sooner if I didn't have the television playing in the background. I never really watch television, so it was a little distracting.

Anyway....I am off to enjoy some time with Ryan...we are working on a Club Penguin mission together. Gotta Love it!


  1. I always love photos in a row like that! Great accents.

  2. Wow, so awesome! I love how you used the swirly thing and your awesome design!

  3. the layout is beautiful!! Happy New year D!

  4. Fantastic layout and awesome design! Thanks for the comment on blog about the Ki calendar I made. Hope you have time to throw one tegether, it was a lot of fun! :) Kathy