Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Spring Cleaning & a Recommendation

Ok, so spring passed about 2 months ago, and I guess I am a bit late. It has been a little busy around here. Preparing for next school year and my new job as a History teacher, renovating my house (turning it from a duplex into one house...yeah! More room), preparing for our Disney trip (2 weeks left to go), and your basic everyday tasks...these things have all kept me on my toes. So, while I remember monthly to back up my computer (as I mentioned a few posts back), I do not always clean my computer up. This time, however, I did. I got rid of tons of useless files, deleted web history and cookies, defragmented my hard drive, etc. A part of this clean up involves organizing scans of my layouts. This helps me to see what was published and what is available for publication. Then, if a call comes along, I know exactly where to go to see if I have something that fits. In the process of doing this, I came across a layout that was published by BHG Scrapbooks, etc. in their Page Planner Special Issue. I thought that I would share it here as I like to have some eye candy to go along with my posts.
So back to the point...for those of you who have not seen this publication yet, it is basically about how to use other layouts to "scraplift" and make your own layout. It gives sketches and tons of layout ideas. I highly recommend this book. It is loaded with awesome ideas and uber talent! I think it would be great for all levels of scrapbookers...beginning to advanced. So, if you are looking for a good idea book, this is a good one to try!

If you happen to be one of the lucky scrapbookers published in it, please leave me a comment with the page number(s) in it. I would love to see who created what! Enjoy your day!


  1. Love that LO, Denine! I recently picked this up, can't wait to finish reading it! What grade history do you teach? I'm in the school system, too - I'm a School Psychologist in a middle school :-)

  2. Oh Denine!! Loved this page in the book - your layouts always stand out to me. :) I do have one in there, but of course, don't have the mag in front of me so I can't tell you what page it's on. It's called "Lil' Pumpkin" - a lift of one of Amy Licht's fabulous layouts.

    And thanks for the reminder to back up; I'm happy to say though that I did recently do a bit or organizing and deleting and defragging. My computer really needed it!

  3. I love your layout! I'm not usually one to pick up idea books but this one looks great. :) Have fun at Disney!

  4. Hi Denine, glad I found your blog.. I've always enjoyed your work. Have fun at Disney, we went in May and had a blast! :0)