Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Finally taking the plunge....

No, not marriage, sillies! I'm talking about making the big switch from post bound albums to 3-ring albums! I know, I's a big step, and I have to be brave. I do, however, think this change is necessary, and I am ready!

So, I was browsing AC Moore today when I ran into their 40% off sale on all scrapbook and photo albums. Who could pass that up? Not me, of course. I mean I only have about a 6 inch stack of layouts that have yet to find homes in albums. I saw myself as the perfect candidate for this experiment. I bought those albums (2 of them), brought those babies home, and loaded them up...and I could not be happier.

Look how nice the album lies flat! It looks so lovely, right?

And look how nice it looks closed! Not like my post bound albums. No sir! Those things are about ready for the bone yard. I'm too embarrassed to even show you how they look. Their poor spines are all ripped and bulging. Their covers are bending and breaking. They are quite the eyesore might I say. These 3 ring albums, well...they are much sturdier and pretty, too!

Plus, I just adore the little label holders on the spines. This is going to be a great way to label each book with the time spans. I am going to have to design myself a little label to fit in there!

And the best part of all this? The post bound page protectors fit perfectly in the 3 ring albums....AND AC Moore also had a super duper sale on post bound page protectors. They were marked down from $4.99 to $1.00! Can you believe it? I was all over that as you can see.

12 pages, baybee! Keep in mind that when they say 12, they actually mean 6 (12 using both sides). What a bargain!!! So, if you have an AC Moore near you, head on out there for the great deals!

Can you tell that I am excited here? It just makes we want to scrap, scrap, scrap so I can fill my new albums! So, I think I'll just go do that! Enjoy your day!


  1. I switched over from 3-ring to post bound a few years ago because I loved all the *pretty* album covers. But I find that I miss my 3-ring albums...these look nice!!

  2. i'm a 3-ring convert too! heeee! it's so much easier to rearrange if you need to also.