Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I think I found my style

While I was scrapbooking over the winter, something just seemed to happen to me. I really think that I found myself...scrapbooking-wise, that is. I have been scrapbooking for almost seven years. I have dabbled in many different styles. I enjoy the work of several scrappers including Ali Edwards and Cathy Zielske. I went to Creating Keepsakes University (scrapbooking classes) in 2004 and loved taking Cathy's class. I left there so inspired that I went home and tried to scrap like her. Her style never really worked for me. Neither did Ali's. I love the way they both scrap, but it just never felt right to me. It seems that we all need to find our own style that we feel comfortable with, and the only way we can do that is to experiment. I guess you can say that it took me 7 years of experimenting to find my style. I am not exactly sure what kind of style I have. Some say linear...maybe. It's simple, but I don't think it is simple enough for Simple Scrapbooks magazine. I think my style is clean, but it can also be a bit layered. I guess I am just a big combination of all of those styles. One thing that I have really started focusing on is details. Once I get a layout done, I sit back and figure out what little details I want to add. A button here, some stitching there, a tag, a piece of ribbon. I think that this is actually my favorite part of the process. It really is funny what the little details can do to make a layout. I find myself attracted to layouts with those little details, and I also find myself seeking the details out. Just some thoughts on the process. All I can say is that whatever I am doing now just feels matter what I call it. I like that I found seems to make scrapbooking a lot more fun.

This is one of my layouts that I created a few months back.
This is just an example of what I am talking about here. It was not until after the layout was done that I added the white and black dotted lines around parts of the layout. I also did not add the tag in the upper left hand corner (held on with staples) and the round "achieve" tag toward the lower right until later. And lastly, I added the straight lines to the right and above the journaling after the fact. These tiny little things just made me happy.

What are some of the little things that make you happy?

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  1. I love this page. I completely understand about finding your own style. It took me several years too, to find my own style. When I started scrapping there wasn't much out there, but now there's so many products that everyone should be able to find what suits them & make it their own. I love that about this hobby. I think my style is very close to yours, although I haven't had much time to scrap lately. Seeing pages like this make me want to sit down & play. Thanks for sharing & congrats on making HOF! Someday I'll take the time to enter.