Friday, July 17, 2009

Another Page Already???

Crazy, huh? I guess I was just feeling motivated and creative. I have to say that my main motivation for this page came right from the picture. My niece, Brianne, shared the picture on her Facebook, and I fell in love with it immediately. I knew that once my mojo came back that it would be one of the first pictures that I turned to!
The colors are a bit off in my scan, but the lumpiness of the page made it tough to scan at all. I got to use the new Kraft Kuts Girl line from Fancy Pants for this page. FP introduced some new letter stickers last release, and I was thrilled! I love the basic font that they chose. You can see them on my page---they're the letters in "this is." Like I mentioned the other day, Fancy Pants has 5 new lines coming out this summer, so keep your eyes open here and on their blog for some new scrappy goodness! I got my goodie box in the mail the other day, and I have been on cloud're going to love what Fancy Pants has for you this time around!