Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stick a fork in me....

...I'm done! Have you ever felt this way? I'm just done. I want to do nothing. No more school work, no more ironing, no more making lunches, cleaning litter boxes, scrapping, vacuuming, washing dishes, paying bills, talking on the phone, shopping, sitting at this computer! Any of it...I don't want to do any of it.

Nothing happened. I'm not miserable. No bad mood. Nothing. I just want to do nothing. Does that sound odd? Has anyone ever felt his way before or am I all alone in this world?


  1. Oh sweetie, I have SO been there. You need to turn on your favorite music, fill the tub with bubble bath and soak a while with a good magazine or book.

    Hope you feeling relaxed and renewed soon!


  2. You are not alone. This too shall pass, although when it happens to me I have a hard time believing that. A nap, a "to do list" that has some simple things I can quickly cross off, and a walk out doors are all things that help get me out of that state. But, maybe you don't want out, and you can just enjoy a few hours or days of doing nothing. It happens.

  3. HANG IN THERE!! It happens to all of us (mostly women I think) at some point or another...you've just hit the wall and when you're rested you'll bounce back and be on your feet again! Do a few things just for YOU and enjoy some time to yourself doing something you love and you'll feel so much better..even if you have to make time for it..you'll not regret it later!!
    Melisa :)

  4. We've all been there. I agree you need to soak in a nice hot bubble bath but I'd add a glass of wine!


  5. I'm done too! What should we do now? :) Guess we should laugh!

  6. Hi Denine,
    Its so funny you said that! I just posted something similar in my forum...I so feel like you right now there is just not enough hours in a day and enough days in a week...check this out


  7. Hey, I was there last night! Sat on the couch and just vegged. It was great!